STEM School of the Month


There is an amazing Science Capital Buzz all about Brora.  You only have to look at the after Thursday after school STEM club to see it.  When first announced to the children, 80 pupils signed up and wanted to be part of it. The school role is only slightly over 100 so that is approximately 80% of the school wanted to be part.  This has meant some nifty logistics on the part of the Staff to ensure all pupils get an equal opportunity!  The successes are shared on the school facebook page and there have been lovely comments by parents as a result. The club loosely follows the Crest Awards but adapts activities to make them relevant to the local context and to the pupils interests. It has recently been the focus of a feature piece in the local paper.

The school is gearing up for British Science Week, which it takes part in every year and is always a much looked forward to event.  They have been successful in gaining funding and this enabled red cabbage chemistry to be undertaken by all pupils during this week. The school has helped to pioneer and run a particularly successful Astrobiology module which the pupils have thoroughly enjoyed. This module allows the teaching of the whole of the Science Curriculum, if required.  The school makes the best use of its school grounds as an outdoor classroom and learning is also extended throughout the local area, for example the Beach.   Well done to all the hard working staff and pupils at Brora!




January’s school of the Month is Carbost Primary on the Isle of Skye. It is a rural school with 23 pupils in P1 – 7 and 6 in nursery. The pupils have been so motivated through STEM that the school now runs a weekly after school STEM club for second level pupils, which is working to build their enjoyment and confidence in Science and STEM. They have been running the Crest Awards scheme ( alongside their Science club. Click on the link below for more details.

Well done, Carbost. It all looks like lots of good fun!

carbost stem club