SSERC Great Science Share!

The Great Science Share for schools 2019 is fast approaching!

As part of this fantastic event SSERC and the STEAM TEAM from Thornton Primary School are once again hosting a Great Science Share SSERC_Meet on Tuesday 18th June 2019 from 11:15 – 11:45am.

Last year over 60 schools took part in the SSERC_Meet and this year we are looking forward to even more schools joining in as we invite you to investigate rocket mice with us! You and your pupils will not even have to leave school to join in!Fingermouse

To take part you need to register with Hayley  by 5pm on Friday 14th June.

The Thornton Primary STEAM Team will guide you through the science behind thethe “blast off” as your class make and test these amazing little rockets. The event is aimed at all levels and will be broadcast live from the broadcast studio at SSERC.

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