Great Science Share 2019

great science share

The Great Science Share is an excellent platform from which pupils are encouraged to use the scientific method to investigate their own STEM themed questions.  This year, there are 13 bursaries available to schools.

Last year, over 40,500 young people shared their scientific questions with new audiences, reaching schools across the whole of the UK! If you would like a look at what happened in some of those satellite events, watch the film here.

Don’t miss your chance to be involved!

  • Registration to identify your interest is now open. Sign up here.
  • Have a look at the newly revised website with brand new downloadable guidance for your school – a powerpoint for your staff meeting, a film and a guidance booklet are all waiting for you.
  • Join us on Twitter @GreatSciShare and hashtagging any questions or ideas using #GreatSciShare.

Are you eligible for an event bursary?

13 bursaries are available this year. If you are planning to host an event and meet the eligibility criteria you can access a £200 donation. There are two funds available, and short applications are now open. Deadline for requests is Wednesday 6th March 2019, 5pm. Find out more here.


Something else you may be interested in: Greater Manchester Engineering Challenge (GMEC) 2019. Now open to schools anywhere in the UK, this campaign happens from now until March and focuses on engaging primary and secondary pupils in an engineering challenge. A simple hands-on, creative challenge with support and guidance for teachers too. You could even showcase this at your Great Science Share for Schools. See here for more information and register your interest. Follow what’s happening @UoMSEERIH.

Any questions contact:

Call us at 0161 306 3991

GSSfS Team at

GMEC Team at

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