New Climate Change and Renewable Sources of Energy Twilight

alternative alternative energy clouds countryside

We are delighted to announce a new Twilight CPD with Highland Climate Challenge!  This will be delivered in 5 locations right across Highland Council to make it accessible for all Highland Primary Practitioners..

During the Twilight Training session you will learn about the new learning resource developed by Highland Climate Challenge to support learning and teaching about Climate Change and the Global impacts of climate change.

You will also build and take away a wind turbine, that can be used in class to investigate Sources of Renewable Energy, e.g. hydro, wind, solar, and wave.  You will learn how to use a digital multi-meter to measure and record levels of energy generated and how to create a fair test around these sources of energy.

 The four first dates are listed on the Highland CPD calendar!  Some venues will be confirmed after the October Holidays.  All training will start at 4pm and finish by 5:30.  Tea and coffee provided.

Inverness-  8/11/18- STEM HUB UHI

Fort William 13/11/18- Venue TBC

Portree- 13/11/18- Venue TBC

Aviemore- 15/11/18- Venue TBC





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