Science Clubs

Science Clubs are a good way to increase Science Capital for young people and engage families in STEM Learning.  You do not need to be a scientist to start a STEM or Science Club and it is easy to adapt a STEM/Science Club to your setting.  They can be run for families after school as part of wrap around care, during Golden Time, with a whole class, in a library, as part of a Cub, Scouts or Rainbows group, or in a parent and toddler group.

Join us at Caol Youth Club on Thursday the 14th of June, 4-6pm, to learn more from; RAiSE, Young Engineers and Science Clubs, the Science Skills Academy, and  STEM Ambassadors.  This is an informational meeting for anyone interested in starting a STEM or Science Club, anyone interested in support a club, or anyone interested in Science and STEM activities to incorporate into an ongoing club.

Please contact if you would like more information or would like to host a similar meeting in your area of the highlands.

STEM Club Poster

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